I’m a huge believer in giving yourself every legal and moral advantage that you can in life. Regardless of whether that’s good grooming, or studying proper social abilities, or using pheromones. I had heard about Chikara Cologne for men being a high quality product, but just was not certain. Although I was really interested in pheromones and what they can do for me I got very baffled when I was taking a look at what pheromone product to purchase.

All of them appeared to have completely different ingredient lists and were fuzzy about what they can truly do. I was really frustrated.

So I began doing quite a lot of research and I visited discussion boards and looked around at completely different webpages, where I found a number of pretty fascinating Chikara reviews. I found a couple of things out that I believe led to my eventual success with these types of products.

1. Not all formulation containing pheromones are the same.

You will have to know what you’re getting with regards to these products. Some have high concentrations of pheromones and a few are mainly just fragrances with little to no pheromone content material at all. Some elements to search for are androstenone and androstenol. These are a couple of of the most highly effective pheromones and won’t only improve your confidence, but will even make people more sociable toward you and interested in you.

2. Everybody’s body chemistry is completely different.

Some formulations work well for most individuals, but generally it takes some testing to determine if a formulation would work for you.

3. In case you use so much product you’ll get BAD results.

This is one I didn’t know anything about going into my studies, however there’s an effect with pheromones known as overdosing. What this mainly means is that in case you use too much it might make you hostile, make other people hostile toward you, and can give you head aches. So the important thing right here is to start out slow.

In general I actually like my pheromone products, and if you’re thinking of using them to offer you a social boost, I’d recommend it. They are not magic, but they work.