Back Pain is a very common condition these days that every body in his or her life time is likely to experience it at a point of time. According to research, there are several reasons that cause back pain. Some of them include poor diet and exercise, stress, improper postures, weight issues, smoking and depression. One of the major causes of back pain is the improper sleeping conditions and so using the right mattress is very very important for a healthy back. Even though you do not suffer from back pain now, using the right mattress will prevent you from getting back pain in the future.

So, how do you choose the right mattress for you? The following are some of the factors you need to take into account while choosing the right mattress.

The Firmness Of The Mattress:

In general a firm mattress is recommended to those who suffer back pain, How ever, a firm mattress leads to unnecessary pressure on the head, hip and the shoulder. In contrast, a soft mattress is also not good for the back as it will cause the back to sag. This, as a result will cause the spine to droop resulting in adding more pressure to the back as it tries to balance. So, finding a mattress that falls in the middle of the range is the best option. This will keep the body` s natural posture while you sleep offering a good cushioning effect and support to the back throughout the night.

Picking Mattresses For Your Medical Condition:

It is very important to decide the level of firmness of the mattress depending on your medical condition. You have to choose the right firmness to suit that particular medical condition. For example, a firm mattress is advisable for conditions such as Sciatica where the nerves are already injured and a firm mattress will not cause the spine to flex thus preventing more damage to the nerves due to flexing. But, a soft mattress is good for conditions like Spinal Stenosis caused by narrowing down of the spinal column. A soft mattress does not cause more friction between the Spinal column and the spinal cord thereby preventing back pain.

General Thoughts:

The whole purpose of a good mattress is to provide a uniform support throughout the entire body. There should not be passage of air in between your body and the mattress when you lie down. Also the weight of your body should be evenly distributed on the mattress thereby eliminating unnecessary pressure to any part of the spine. The best thing is going for a medium to firm mattress considering all these needs.

So, consider all these issues before buying a mattress and find out if it will suit your condition. Always get a very good opinion from the experts. Read the specifications of the product well before buying so find out what it exactly does.