I’ve begun to experiment with a lot of my own concoctions for skincare. One of the things I’ve done is take an all natural lotion base and add lots of heavily nutrition-rich goodies. One of them that has received some attention as an essential oil that really helps with aging skin is carrot seed oil (daucus carota is the scientific name).

Another is sea buckthorn oil, but that will be for another topic of discussion. I started to concoct my own night creams because I was tired of putting ones on my face at night that were loaded with chemicals like parabens and other unrecognizable chemical names, artificial fragrances and God knows what else.

I figured that the night time is when my skin absorbs the most and heals from the previous day’s elements, so why would I want to add chemicals to it, when its absorbency rate is at its highest?  By the way, your skin absorbs things much more easily at night because your body temperature goes up.

Carrot seed oil was at the top of my list of natural, vitamin and nutrient rich oils to add to my night cream.  It does have a very distinct, heavily earthy smell to it. It almost reminds me of the smell of roots when you pull them out of the dirt – a sort of dirt mingled with vegetable smell.  It may seem unpleasant at first, but I got used to it.

It has an orange color.  Carrot seed oil is known to be an excellent essential oil for aging and wrinkled skin, and is excellent for things like sun damage.  It is known to help increase elasticity and suppleness in the skin as well. It can, especially when added with other skin-loving ingredients – impart a wonderful glow to the skin.

It is rich in natural vitamin a and beta carotene.  Carrot seed oil is a very potent detoxification agent as well, which can help with damaged skin.  Carrot seed oil is also an excellent skin toner and helps the skin to develop a nice tan as well.